OJSC “RSK Bank” offers a wide list of transactions on opening and service of accounts both in national and foreign currencies.

The Bank provides the following types of settlement and cash services:

  • Accounts opening
  • Transfer transactions
  • Cash transactions
  • Securities transactions
  • Other services
  • Services rates in foreign currency


• Opening and service of accounts;

• Cash acceptance and withdrawal; 

• Fund transfer in national and foreign currencies; 

• Currency exchange transactions;

• Securities transactions;

• Trade finance transaction;

• Payment acceptance. 


 List of documents for opening the current account is available here



Payment acceptance in behalf of organizations.

You can conclude a contract with the “RSK Bank” for the payment acceptance in behalf of your company. This service will be interesting for companies, providing services to a wide range of natural persons, such as mobile operators, internet provides, cable services provides etc.

Cooperation with the “RSK Bank” has a range of undisputed benefits:

  • increase of trading volume and competitiveness by the introduction of additional services to clients, increase of the availability of your services;
  • reduction of financial loss risk caused by Clients’ fraud (for example, by paying with counterfeit bill) or human error;
  • significant reduction of cash logistics and storage expenses;
  • increase of the overall security of sales outlets;
  • acceleration of funds turnover;
  • efficiency of funds transfer to the company account;
  • elimination of errors, associated with cash payments;
  • solution for trade receipts safety;
  • individual approach to all Clients.


Bank rates for legal entities are available here 


If you are interested in this service, please, call the following number in order to make a contract for payment acceptance: +996 (312) 65-02-72