Securities Trading

The “RSK Bank” is one of the leading operators on the market for government securities. All branches of the Bank purchase or sell government securities (State Treasury Bills (STB) , NBKR (National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic) Notes) in the primary and secondary markets on behalf of individuals and legal entities.

If you want to buy STB or NBKR Notes, you should contact your nearest “RSK Bank”, apply for the purchase based on the approved form and submit the required amount of money.


Commission fee for the purchase of STB of transaction amount


Commission fee for the purchase of STB and GSTB

0,2 % of transaction amount, at least 100 KGS

 Note: a 4% tax is charged on amount of commission for the provision of paid services.

The commission for the purchase of NBKR Notes is 10% of the amount of income. The commission fee is not less than 100 KGS, and not more than 1 000 KGS.