OJSC “RSK Bank” is pleased to introduce a long expected  service “Internet Banking”.

 This system will enable to remotely perform cashless  transactions on the accounts (except for card ones), to obtain  update information about the balance on current accounts,  account statements for any period, transactions confirming  documents. It is also possible to create templates and reference  books, to view the Bank’s newsletters, to obtain information on  exchange rates etc.

In order to connect to the "Internet Banking" system (if an account in OJSC “RSK Bank” available), you should read the documents attached and fill in an application and a Contract to connect to the “Internet Client" system, submit the completed documents to Bank’s employee,which operates the account of your organization, and receive a system username and a password.

Service rates are available on the websitewww.rsk.kg


 Thank you for choosing our Bank.


Link to enter “Internet Banking” for natural persons