Real property loan, building loan in foreign currency 

Product description

Loans: - Natural persons.

Loan purpose

Purchase of real property, building

Loan amount

from 5 000 $ (initial contribution 40% of the cost of the purchased property or additional mortgage security)

% rate

22% per annum (2% sales tax included)* (eff. rate 26,32%)

Loan term

Up to 5 years


Purchased real property or additional mortgage security

Repayment of loan principal and %%

Equal monthly instalment* / **

Loan management commission fee

1 % of loan amount (12% VAT and 2% sales tax included)*

Loan currency

US dollars


Interest rate in the amount of one nominal interest rate (%% per annum) of the overdue amount, based on the number of days

List of the required documents:

According to the standard documents list for natural persons

Additional terms:

- at early repayment the borrower shall pay 10% of the amount of the lost interest.*

- in case of non-purpose use of loan, the penalty is 5% of the loan amount or the early loan repayment