The international system of money transfers Western Union brings together more than 200 countries and territories. Each transfer is protected by a modern security system, which provides an immediate payment of money specified by you person.

How to find the closest service point Western Union?

Find the nearest service point, you can in this section of the service or by calling +996 (312) 65-02-72.

How to send a money transfer?

Visit the customer service of Western Union.
Fill out the short form "To send money" or the appropriate form, indicating the name of the recipient of the money transfer, the transfer amount, the city and the country receiving the money transfer.
Present the original identity document and transfer amount of the transfer with the transfer fee to the operator.
Keep the receipt with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and be sure to tell your recipient with all the necessary information for the translation. In many countries (including in Russia) Knowledge Transfer Control Number is a prerequisite for the transfer.

How to receive money?

You can receive money at any point of Western Union service. the recipient must complete the form "Application for money", to indicate in its full name of the sender, transfer amount, the correct answer to the security question (if the sender has included the issue in translation), the country from which the transfer was made, and to present an identity document .


With rates for sending and receiving money through Western Union, you can see from the following link: