If you need to transfer money, you can use a “MoneyGram” international money transfer system. Partner relations between the RSK> Bank and «Money Gram Limited International», one of the world's leading providers of money transfer, will allow you to send or receive «MoneyGram» money transfers in any representative office of the RSK> BANK.

What is a «Money Gram» money transfer system?

  1. Money transfers without opening bank accounts.
  2. You can send or receive money transfers in over 150 countries around the world.
  3. You can find the rates here.
  4. Easy money transfers.
  5. Transfers are made in U.S. dollars.
  6. Transfer to any country in 5 minutes.
  7. You can send or receive a money transfer in any region and in all the major towns of the Kyrgyz Republic. You can find the nearest branch of the RSK> Bank here.
  8. More than 100,000 agents around the world.

Transferring money:

  1. Visit any RSK>Bank branch or the savings bank,
  2. Fill out the «Money Gram» sender form,
  3. When sending money the transfer is assigned a special number (code), which is known only to the sender. You will have to inform the recipient of money transfer about the code.
  4. Contribute the transfer amount to the cashier and pay for the service in accordance with applicable rates.
  5. After sending or receiving a transfer you will receive a yellow copy of the transfer from the operator.

«Money Gram» sender application form:

  1. Name Number of the identity document,
  2. Address,
  3. Phone number,
  4. The amount and purpose of the transfer,
  5. Data of the recipient (full name),
  6. Destination of transfer (city, state, country),
  7. Message to the recipient (max. 10 words).
  8. Note:
  9. The requested information will help the operator accelerate the sending of transfer or search for your transfer in the «Money Gram» system.
  10. If for some reason the recipient does not receive the money sent, the unclaimed amount will be returned back.

Receiving the money transfer:

  1. If you receive the money on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, you have to visit the nearest RSK> BANK branch or a savings bank. If you receive the money in another country in the world, you need to find the closest «Money Gram» office.
  2.  Fill out the form for receiving a “Money Gram” money transfer,
  3. Get a transfer amount from the cashier of the Bank (the recipient of the money transfer is not charged commission).
  4. After sending or receiving the money transfer you will receive a yellow copy of the transfer from the operator.