The main advantages of the system:
1. Advantageously - the cost of services the bank pays only the sender. Payment of money transfer to the recipient free of charge.
2. Convenient - to send the translation you do not need to know the details of the beneficiary's bank, but rather to call the country, the city - where to send money and last name, first name of the recipient.
3. Fast - simplified procedure of registration of the transfer takes a few minutes and does not require a completed application form.
4. Secure - Security is provided by a special translation software suite with advanced technologies of information protection.

To make a transfer, you should:
1. Come to any branch or savings bank Bank. If you send money to another country in the world, then you need to find the nearest location «CONTACT».
2. To present an identity document, to inform the Bank of recipient information.
3. Write to the cashier transfer amount and pay for the service in accordance with the current tariffs of money transfer system "CONTACT".
4. When sending money, remittances assigned control number (PNC), which is known only to the sender.This NPC must be reported to the recipient.

To translate, you should:

  • If you get the translation in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, then you need to come to the nearest branch or savings bank RSK> BANK. If you opoluchaete transfer to another country of the world, then you need to find the nearest location «CONTACT».

1. Present proof of identity, inform the employee of the Bank Name the sender and the money transfer control number.
2. Get the amount of transfer to banks (commission from remittance recipients are not charged).
Transfer fee,% fee

Translation is given to the recipient, subject to match the information specified by the sender, and the data of the document filed by the recipient.